Amongst the Skulls and Shackles - A Pathfinder Campaign

Are you listening???

Antonio was desperate. To survive on this God forsaken prison called a ship, he needed to make himself more valuable. Displaying his magic abilities might help him but most likely would get him lashes if not attached to the bottom of the ship. While swabbing the deck he noticed the master gunner Rairis inspecting the lines of one of the Batista. Casually, Antonio mopped his way up beside her and looked for a way to open dialogue. “A powerful weapon this is yes?” The master gunner did not reply. “What is the max range you have hit a target with one of these?” This earned him a look of great displeasure. “Is there any way i may earn a place under your tutoring?” She turned quickly and stepped directly in front of Antonio Kitsuneas though she were about to devour his entire face. And just as suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. Her eyes took on a completely different look and were tracking something far away, as a fox watching the plumpest hen in the yard. Antonio turned to notice the cabin girl caulky walking across the deck with her hair flowing in the wind behind her. she was quite lovely after all. Antonio returned his gaze back to the gunners mate and replied “I will get to work on it.”



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