Amongst the Skulls and Shackles - A Pathfinder Campaign

Swab the Poop Deck!

1 Sarenith 4713 A.R. (Day 1)


Under the watchful eye of Master Scourge, you become well acquainted with the art of swabbing the deck. Some of you even get to practice knot tying albeit at 60 feet above a hard landing. After the first day of the sun making you wish you had slept off the night before, you line up to get your rum ration. It smells like poop with a hint of lime. Sandara meets you along the railing by your designated meeting spot. Surprisingly, she’s wearing her coat and hat that she was wearing the night before in the Red Eyed Fly.

“Look who I ran into…” Sandara (or Sandra as she likes to be called) pulled out a small cricket cage from underneath her coat. It was a familiar looking Scorpion! Moyra couldn’t contain her excitement and quickly released the arachnid.

“Where did you find her!?”

“While you guys were ‘working’, I decided to make friends. I ran into

Cut-Throat Grok

the female half-orc that plays at being the quartermaster around here, and I sweet talked her. Turns out, she’s a loyal follower of Besmara too. So she gave me my holy symbol and some of my clothes back. That critter was wrapped up in my coat and gave me quite the scare! Then I remembered you said he might belong to you! What’s the little guys name?"

You can tell immediately that Sandra is going to be a fast friend.


Moyra, to her chagrin, was unable to hide her delight at seeing her familiar. Her slight tusks protruding over her toothy grin. The viridian arachnid skittered up Moyra’s arm and onto her shoulder, not unlike Kroop’s Black-Hearted Bezebel. “My sincere gratitude, Sandra,” Moyra offered. Her Gran had put her off regarding most clerical types, but she couldn’t really afford to be anything but gracious in the situation. "I managed to have what seemed to be a pleasant conversation with Ambrose Kroop. Our resident chef, better known as “Fishguts”. At least, what I could understand of it," she admitted with a grimace. The man’s thick accent was taxing and Moyra had spent a good portion of the time making herself useful and offering a few spots of tribal spice recommendations. “He seems amiable, though, if tragic. Perhaps he can be swayed to our favor as well. Ah, and her name is Najwa.”

Swab the Poop Deck!

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