Amongst the Skulls and Shackles - A Pathfinder Campaign

A late night of drinking at the Red Eyed Fly.

Party like it's 1699.


“Yawan anything?!” The burly dwarf poked you in the ribs with a serving tray that had seen it’s better days. He was barely heard over the noise of the celebration going on inside of the Red-Eyed Fly. Apparently, some Pathfinder Society types had discovered some something or other and recovered it for some other uppity types that lived in that part of town you’d never seen. They had gold though, and gold brought whores. The entirety of the two closest brothels, The Shucked Oyster and the House of Comfort, was here tonight trying to loosen the purse strings of some of these ‘heroes’.

You just came here because you needed work. This was as good a spot as any to find it. Many sea captains stopped in occasionally because it was on a wharf. You were looking for work aboard a ship…any ship…and you’re luck might have just changed. You spotted a surly looking sea type walk in the waterside door in the company of a surly group of swabs. You look back up at Olenjack, the proprietor of this establishment, and point.
“Yeah, I’d like to buy that group of gentlemen a drink. I need to soften them up for a job.”



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