Oszkar Buchholz


Name: Oszkar Buchholz
Race: Duergar
Player: Jon Luke
Classes: Barbarian1
Hit Points: 14
Experience: 0 / 2000
Alignment: None
Vision: Darkvision (120 ft.)
Speed: Walk 30 ft.
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Undercommon
Stat Score Mod
STR 18 (4)
DEX 12 (
CON 15 (2)
INT 7 (-2)
WIS 13 (
CHA 3 (-4)
-———————————- Skills -———————————-
Skill Total Rnk Stat Msc
Acrobatics 5 1.0 1 3
Appraise -2 0.0 -2 0
Bluff -4 0.0 -4 0
Climb 4 0.0 4 0
Craft (Untrained) -2 0.0 -2 0
Diplomacy -4 0.0 -4 0
Disguise -4 0.0 -4 0
Escape Artist 1 0.0 1 0
Fly 1 0.0 1 0
Heal 1 0.0 1 0
Intimidate -4 0.0 -4 0
Perception 5 1.0 1 3
Perception (Precious metals and gemstones) 7 1.0 1 5
Perform (Untrained) -4 0.0 -4 0
Ride 1 0.0 1 0
Sense Motive 1 0.0 1 0
Stealth 5 0.0 1 4
Survival 1 0.0 1 0
Swim 8 1.0 4 3

Feats -————————————

Power Attack
-————————- Special Abilities -—————————

Templates -———————————
Combat -———————————- Total / Touch / Flat Footed

AC: 11 / 11 / 10
Initiative: 3
BAB: +1
Melee tohit: +5
Ranged tohit: +2
Fortitude: +4
Reflex: +1
Will: +1
Unarmed attack:
to hit: +5
damage: 1d3
critical: 20/x2
-————————— Special Abilities -————————-

Equipment -——————————-

Total weight carried:
Current load: Light
Light: 100
Medium: 200
Heavy: 300
-———————————— Magic -———————————-

Innate Spells

Description -——————————

Height: 5’ 4" Weight: 234 lbs. Gender: Male
Eyes: Grey Hair: n/a,Bald Skin: Grey
Dominant Hand: Right Quirks: ,
Speech style: Quotable:
Full Description



Oszkar joined the patrolling squads of the duergar as soon as he came of age to lift a weapon and bring it against the various foes among the Underdark. He was always the first in and out of combat, leading his comrades with a battle cry that filled the tunnels while his weapon leapt from foe to foe. Such an environment soon became claustrophobic in more than one fashion, though. The duergar people were full of malice for surface dwellers and seemed to refuse the growing questions and curiosity Oszkar held for the world above. He was met with mockery and derision of the potential in life above. It was the same sort of talk reserved for their Dwarven cousins who rose from the deep.

Against the complaints of his peers and family, Oszkar packed up to embrace his wanderlust. The darkness under the mountains was home, but the world above was as wide as that below. He could no longer turn a blind eye to the wealth of experience waiting. An arduous journey to the surface left Oszkar lost with a stretching horizon and burning sun above.

Unfortunately, Oszkar was but one duergar on the open road. Slavers seized upon him and despite his strength, he was captured. Acknowledging his abilities, his captors sold him to a gladiator arena where slaves and beasts were pit against each other. The duergar warrior eked out a life amongst the other combatants there. It was not quite the life of wonder he imagined, but there were fights a-plenty and of all kinds. Great practice, if nothing else.

Then, Captain Varley arrived, offering gold for fit individuals. He paid for a batch of slaves out of the arena, informing them that they would be rowing for his vessel. As it so happened, Captain Varley was a local pirate. Oszkar was none too pleased with being a meager rowing boy, but found most attempts at resistance met with threats of being marooned, keelhauled, or other inventive practices. So, Oszkar bided his time until the Varley’s ship, the Poisoned Jewel, accosted a merchant vessel. He found himself a weapon and joined the boarding party, seizing the opportunity to spill blood for his new patron.

Soon after, Oszkar received a new room amongst the crew. He was still a laughingstock due to his utter lack of finesse on a ship, but at least most jokes were reserved for behind his back. Pirating, then, became Oszkar’s new love. The freedom, the uncertainty. It was what he had been waiting for when he left the dark. Until one night back at shore after a profitable excursion, he found himself at the Red Eyed Fly.

Oszkar Buchholz

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