antonio Curera

Water Wizard


Human, blonde hair, Blue eyes 5’10


Born in a moderate size fishing village, Antonio Domingo Curera was the middle kit in a multi litter of 9. Antonio’ s father was a fisherman working for a local fishing company. While out on a long fishing tour, His father was murdered by pirate captain Jonny “poop deck” picquard. Antonio vowed that day to exact revenge.

while traveling up the coast from city to city, Antonio had to fight to survive and survive he did. Learning early on after a sever beating for stealing, Antonio discovered that he was magically gifted. Trying to tame his new abilities proved as difficult as putting out a brush fire with a half drank pint. Of course the darker Side of society started paying attention, but luckily He drew the attention of a local wizard who took pity on him and helped hone his magical skills and taught him how understand the elements and bend them to his need. With this new found gift, Antonio found refuge on board a merchant ship and was befriended by 1st mate “lead foot” who helped him keep his magic a secret, in exchange for persuading the wind at night to help the ship along to the next port. Antonio created quite a collection of acquaintances who would buy information he came across, giving him an income and a way to pick up leads to the whereabouts of his future prey. He spends most of his day as a tall green eyed sandy haired human always willing to lend an ear to a weary stranger. After many months at sea Antonio, frustrated at his lack of finding poop deck, decided being on shore might help him refocus and create a new plan for seeking his revenge. Magnamar was the city, and the red eyed fly was the tavern.

antonio Curera

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