Ardent Mang

Human Archer


Ardent mang is the son of wealthy merchant parents. Their home is on the coast north of magnamar. All of his wishes were met, he was free to experience all that life had to offer. Ardents parents also were frequent quest of the lords of the lands dinner guests. Policies and decisions were influenced by Ardents father. In late summer of Ardents 28th year His father took him on an expedition to discover exciting lands and the women that inhabited them.

During a long night of binge drinking, Ardent and his fater were attacked by a group of bandits, his father was murdered and his body not recovered. Ardent ran for his life and was eventually cornered by a handful of the bandits. A lone archer killed the thugs and took ardent to a monistary where he was placed in training against his will for the first year. Ardent then understood to survive in the world, he would need an all new set of skills. Ardent’s training made him into a weapon that could bring order to those around him or destruction. Ardent decided to return home after 4years of training with the monks of the silken glove. Ardents mother had remarried and continued the shipping business and even expanded to carrying troops for expeditions and war. Adding this new information with his fathers murder, made leaving his childhood and it’s comforts an easy decision. Rejecting his former life, ardent decided to make a new life on the open sea. Ardent realized that to regain his fathers business he would have to buy it from his step father. To buy it he would need lots of money, so piracy it would be. Now with a plan ardent headed back to magnamar and to the red eyed fly to find passage on a pirate ship to anywhere.

Ardent Mang

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